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🏗️ Widget setup

Setting up the DocsGPT Widget in Your React Project


The DocsGPT Widget is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate AI-powered documentation assistance into your web applications. This guide will walk you through the installation and usage of the DocsGPT Widget in your React project. Whether you're building a web app or a knowledge base, this widget can enhance your user experience.


First, make sure you have Node.js and npm installed in your project. Then go to your project and install a new dependency: npm install docsgpt.


In the file where you want to use the widget, import it and include the CSS file:

import { DocsGPTWidget } from "docsgpt";

Now, you can use the widget in your component like this :

  avatar = "https://d3dg1063dc54p9.cloudfront.net/cute-docsgpt.png",
  title = "Get AI assistance",
  description = "DocsGPT's AI Chatbot is here to help",
  heroTitle = "Welcome to DocsGPT !",
  heroDescription="This chatbot is built with DocsGPT and utilises GenAI, 
  please review important information using sources."

DocsGPTWidget takes 8 props with default fallback values:

  1. apiHost — The URL of your DocsGPT API.
  2. selectDocs — The documentation source that you want to use for your widget (e.g. default or local/docs1.zip).
  3. apiKey — Usually, it's empty.
  4. avatar: Specifies the URL of the avatar or image representing the chatbot.
  5. title: Sets the title text displayed in the chatbot interface.
  6. description: Provides a brief description of the chatbot's purpose or functionality.
  7. heroTitle: Displays a welcome title when users interact with the chatbot.
  8. heroDescription: Provide additional introductory text or information about the chatbot's capabilities.

How to use DocsGPTWidget with Nextra (opens in a new tab) (Next.js + MDX)

Install your widget as described above and then go to your pages/ folder and create a new file _app.js with the following content:

import { DocsGPTWidget } from "docsgpt";
export default function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }) {
    return (
            <Component {...pageProps} />
            <DocsGPTWidget selectDocs="local/docsgpt-sep.zip/"/>

For more information about React, refer to this link here (opens in a new tab)

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