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📥 Training on docs

How to train on other documentation

Training on other documentation sources can greatly enhance the versatility and depth of DocsGPT's knowledge. By incorporating diverse materials, you can broaden the AI's understanding and improve its ability to generate insightful responses across a range of topics. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively train DocsGPT on additional documentation sources:

Get your document ready:

Make sure you have the document on which you want to train on ready with you on the device which you are using .You can also use links to the documentation to train on.


Note: The document should be either of the given file formats .pdf, .txt, .rst, .docx, .md, .zip and limited to 25mb.You can also train using the link of the documentation.

Video Demo



Navigate to the sidebar where you will find Source Docs option,here you will find 3 options built in which are default,Web Search and None.

Step 2

Click on the Upload icon just beside the source docs options,now borwse and upload the document which you want to train on or select the remote option if you have to insert the link of the documentation.

Step 3

Now you will be able to see the name of the file uploaded under the Uploaded Files ,now click on Train,once you click on train it might take some time to train on the document. You will be able to see the Training progress and once the training is completed you can click the finish button and there you go your docuemnt is uploaded.

Step 4

Go to New chat and from the side bar select the document you uploaded under the Source Docs and go ahead with your chat, now you can ask qestions regarding the document you uploaded and you will get the effective answer based on it.

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